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Dillon Gu       Storyteller • Animator • CG Generalist

Demo Reels

Layout/Previz Reel

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Generalist Reel

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About Me

Hi, my name is Dillon Gu. I am an independent film maker gone animator, and an artist at heart. I love making movies, drawing pictures, animating, modeling, and anything of the like. I am self-taught and self-motivated, pushing myself to make bigger and better things for other people to enjoy.

My passion for film and animation grew from when I was but a small child, watching Pixar movies and other inspiriational masterpieces. When I finally figured out how much I loved this work, I was unwilling to let it go, and drove the full of my efforts towards achieving my goal. I have been happy ever since.

When I'm not on the computer, you'll likely find me dancing, making music, cooking, or taking long walks on the beach. Other than that, I also love playing online games with my friends, coding, and drawing.

My Portfolio

Seen below, this is my portfolio as it stands today. I entered the world of 3D art in December of 2011. I am quite young, and have much to learn. However, my accumulated works so far have gained worldwide attention; this is mostly accredited to the success of my YouTube channel.

One of my most well known pieces is "Gods Don't Bleed" A Minecraft Animation that I animated, directed, composited, and posted on YouTube. It has since gotten over 11 million views, and is still growing.

Some of my works include pieces that I have done on my own time to hone my skills, such as the Mineraft Chess video. Some works are products of working with a start up game company, and others were done for class.

Resume   View Complete Resume here (PDF)


Seeking an opportunity to utilize and enhance my animation, rigging, and/or modeling skills while working with a team of talented artists in a creative environment.


University of Texas at Austin, College of Natural Sciences
   Bachelor of Science and Arts in Computer Science
    Digital Arts and Media Certificate - Bridging Disciplines Program
    Stereoscopic 3D Certificate - UT3D
    Business Foundations Program Certificate
    Chinese Minor


Online Animator, Collective Digital Studios
   Produced original 3D animated shorts
        Currently running a channel that has since garnered over 17 million views.
    Featured article in Kotaku
    Featured on the front page of Reddit
Freelance CG Generalist
   Comedy Central's "Pixelheads"                      Animation, Storyboard, Video Editor
   Found Footage 3D Independent Horror Film    Modeler, Animator
   Intern on "Hard Reset" Graduate Thesis          Modeler, Animator


    Animation, Rigging, Modeling, Texturing, Camera Work, Storyboarding,
  Particle FX, Editing, Sound, Scripting

Software  MAC/PC
    Blender, Maya, Unity, Vegas, CrazyBump, Premiere, Photoshop, After Effects
    C, Java, Python, Perl, HTML 5, CSS
    English, Chinese


  2014 “Gods Don’t Die” Minecraft Fight Animation
          Director, Animator, Editor, Cinematographer
  2014 “FLORA” Oculus Rift Research Project
          Modeler, Animator, Creative Advisor
  2014 Comedy Central's “Pixelheads” Webseries
          Animator, Storyboard Artist, Creative Advisor, Video Editor
  2013 “Sky Creature” Character Creation
          Concept Artist, Modeler, Rigger, Animator
  2013 “Ionia: The Blood Moon” League of Legends Fight Animation
          Animator, Director, Cinematographer, Modeler, Texturing, Storyboard, Rigger, Editor, Sound
  2013 “Zeratul” (Concept by Blizzard Entertainment)
          Modeler/Sculptor, Rigger, Animator
  2012 “The Danu Talisman”
          Director, Animator, Sound, Editor, Set Designer, Cinematographer
  2012 “Gods Don’t Bleed” Minecraft Fight Animation
          Director, Animator, Editor, Sound Designer
  2012 “Minecraft Chess in Real Life” Minecraft Animation
          Animator, Editor, Sound, Compositor

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